Who is Sherry Worel?

Hi! You may know me by any number of “names”: Bible teacher, author, speaker, or co-founder of Stoneybrooke Christian Schools.

All are ways for me to serve Christ.

While I have an academic side that thrives on teaching God’s Word, I’m also a lifelong child at heart. I’ve aged over the years, but my spirit remains young!

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, that inner child not only helps me connect with kids, but lets me teach and prayerfully model a faith that’s filled with childlike awe for God and all His creation.

Just like the kids, parents and others I interact with every day, I too face the challenges of this fallen world.

You’re not alone in your journey to know the Lord. My promise is to help and encourage you in any way I can to pursue Christ.

We’re on the walk together.


The Short Story

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at the age of 20 and immediately went off to Bible College where I received a degree as a Graduate of Christian Education.

After earning a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Southern California College (now Vanguard University), I went on to complete a M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies at Talbot Seminary (Biola University).

I currently attend and teach Bible studies at Coast Hills Church in Aliso Viejo, California.


Not Yet a Fisher of Men

I was raised in a church-going family that prayed together every night. Although I grew up knowing about God, I didn’t have a relationship with Him.



In June 1969, I was a young woman returning to California after studying abroad. My time away felt like a successful adventure, one that underscored a sense of self-sufficiency and independence. I was confidently engaging life on my own terms.

But a sweeping and divine change was about to occur. A “chance” encounter with someone at work, a pastor’s daughter who studied at a local Bible college, would be God’s catalyst for getting my attention.

This kind woman spent the better part of that summer introducing me to the God of the Bible. While I’d grown up attending church and knew a lot about God, I began to realize I’d never actually met Him. As my friend and I continued to talk and share, head knowledge started to become heart knowledge. I began reading the scriptures for myself and slowly but surely gained understanding: I was a rebellious sinner who was in dire need of a Savior.

That summer, in God’s perfect timing, our Holy Creator let me see my life from His perspective. One thing he made abundantly clear, is that I was NOT, in fact, the CEO of the universe. I was a 20-year old who need to submit my will to the King of kings and be willing to do life His way.

I must have spent weeks soul searching and methodically counting the cost of a radical spiritual change. Until one night, I stood on the porch of my little apartment . . . and prayed. I prayed in a new way. I prayed a prayer of submission. I simply and humbly told the Lord, “I give up! You’re in charge.”

I knew I was ready to dedicate my life to the everlasting God.

From that day forward, I’ve been on a wild, vibrant, incredibly challenging, but lifesaving, adventure with Jesus Christ. To this day, I am still pursuing hard after my Savior.


Friends Along the Way

For over half a century, I’ve been pursuing Christ. By His grace, I have not done it alone.

Throughout my faith journey, godly friendships have deeply impacted my life and career. For example, during the years I led Stoneybrooke Christian School, my friend and brother in Christ, Dennis Bock, was steadfastly by my side. Together, we helped guide over 5,000 students towards Christ-centered living.

My 50-plus years in Christian service help me mentor young Christian leaders: formally, or just over a cup of coffee. I feel blessed to be able to nudge others towards leadership excellence.

Together, we are the church and God’s fellow workers. (1 Cor 3:9) To all my partners in faith, past, present and future, thank you for the spiritual gifts you have shared. I am grateful for all you’ve taught me.