More for You

As you browse this page, hopefully you will see my passion for communicating God’s Word. I would love my gifts for speaking, writing and mentoring to help others pursue a more meaningful relationship with Jesus. Perhaps here are some more resources to encourage you along the way.

Download a Study

Here are some Bible studies to help you dive deeper into God’s Word. These practical five-part studies are designed to be done by yourself or with a group of friends. You will find some brief explanations, thought provoking discussion questions and some suggested action steps to take to help you apply the scriptures to your everyday life.

Do You Need Prayer?

I struggle from time to time just like everyone else. The demands of life can be daunting and I would love to come alongside you in prayer. Please feel free to click the button and send an email directly to me. If you would like some dialogue, give me your email in return.


I have spoken in mud huts on the hills of Kenya, in auditoriums across the Far East, in school rooms in Afghanistan, and at conferences and seminars all across the US. I have taught in churches, at retreat centers, camps, schools and universities. I have stood before small groups, in front of banquet tables and in people’s living rooms. I am thrilled to speak to hundreds or just a few. I would love to serve you at your next event.


There really is strength in numbers. Solomon made it clear that two or three cords wound together are a powerfully thing. And that’s why I love the formal or informal process of mentoring others. Siding up next to someone who has “been there” makes the load so much easier. I would love the opportunity to point a young leader in the right direction.

A Book for You

The world bombards us all with a barrage of negative messages. And those words literally drain our spiritual vitality away. But God wants us to know that we were created for great things. He wants us to know that we have real purpose. Our lives have meaning and value. I wrote this devotional to help us live in the love of a Father who cherishes us. I hope it is an encouragement to you.