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Below you will find our entire series of Bible Studies categorized by year. Click on an individual year to see the lists of messages and handouts.

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This year is made up of 3 different Bible study topics. We began by talking about the “tough stuff” and ended the year with a variety of topics. The main series of the year is described below.

“DRIPS: Dealing with our Relational Irritations: Poised to Serve” – The old adage that if “mamma ain’t happy, no one is happy” is very true. Whether we like it or not, the barometer for the feeling tone in our homes is generally regulated off the mom’s disposition. Mothers set the tone for a sense of joy or stressful tension in our families. It is so important then that moms made a concerted effort to monitor their dispositions. We all need to rein in on our fears, lower our anxieties, minimize our demand for control and deal appropriately with our anger.

This series focuses on these topics in a very practical way. The study will explore God’s perspective on each of the traits and then offer some suggestions on how to improve the feeling tone in each of our homes.

Messages and Handouts

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2012-05-29 [message].mp39.77 Mb
2012-05-29 [handout].pdf45.2 Kb
2012-05-22 [message].mp38.43 Mb
2012-05-22 [handout].pdf158.43 Kb
2012-05-15 [message].mp39.48 Mb
2012-05-15 [handout].pdf80.25 Kb
2012-05-08 [message].mp38.93 Mb
2012-05-08 [handout].pdf139 Kb
2012-05-01 [message].mp39.06 Mb
2012-05-01 [handout].pdf142.76 Kb
2012-04-24 [message].mp310.4 Mb
2012-04-24 [handout].pdf182.17 Kb
2012-04-17 [message].mp310.32 Mb
2012-04-17 [handout].pdf102.84 Kb
2012-04-03 [message].mp311.02 Mb
2012-04-03 [handout].pdf340.96 Kb
2012-03-27 [message].mp310.68 Mb
2012-03-27 [handout].pdf89.48 Kb
2012-03-20 [message].mp33.11 Mb
2012-03-20 [handout].pdf97.85 Kb
2012-03-13 [message].mp311 Mb
2012-03-12 [handout].pdf84.27 Kb
2012-03-06 [message].mp310.36 Mb
2012-03-06 [handout].pdf91.62 Kb
2012-02-28 [message].mp39.99 Mb
2012-02-28 [handout].pdf74.23 Kb
2012-02-21 [message].mp39.91 Mb
2012-02-21 [handout].pdf274.75 Kb
2012-02-14 [message].mp310.44 Mb
2012-02-14 [handout].pdf109.52 Kb
2012-02-07 [message].mp311.27 Mb
2012-02-07 [handout].pdf94.81 Kb
2012-01-31 [message].mp39.27 Mb
2012-01-31 [handout].pdf95.43 Kb
2012-01-24 [message].mp34.45 Mb
2012-01-24 [handout].pdf80.17 Kb
2012-01-17 [message].mp39.86 Mb
2012-01-17 [handout].pdf79.07 Kb
2012-01-10 [message].mp310.69 Mb
2012-01-10 [handout].pdf89.81 Kb
2012-01-03 [message].mp310.86 Mb
2012-01-03 [handout].pdf97.8 Kb
2011-12-06 [message].mp310.27 Mb
2011-12-06 [handout].pdf165.72 Kb
2011-11-29 [message].mp39 Mb
2011-11-29 [handout].pdf80.85 Kb
2011-11-08 [message].mp311.38 Mb
2011-11-08 [handout].pdf79.91 Kb
2011-11-01 [message].mp39.8 Mb
2011-11-01 [handout].pdf93.13 Kb
2011-10-25 [message].mp39.35 Mb
2011-10-25 [handout].pdf76.89 Kb
2011-10-18 [message].mp310.01 Mb
2011-10-18 [handout].pdf78.94 Kb
2011-10-11 [message].mp312.11 Mb
2011-10-11 [handout].pdf75.74 Kb
2011-10-04 [message].mp311.99 Mb
2011-10-04 [handout].pdf77.39 Kb
2011-09-27 [message].mp311.48 Mb
2011-09-27 [handout].pdf85.54 Kb
2011-09-20 [message].mp310.86 Mb
2011-09-20 [handout].pdf90.91 Kb
2011-09-13 [message].mp38.98 Mb
2011-09-13 [handout].pdf38.66 Kb


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