A “Get Back Coach”

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Like most everyone else from California, I am rooting for the LA Rams in the Super Bowl this year. The sports news is filled with details about their preparation for the big game. I was particularly interested in a small article about a “Get Back Coach” that the head coach, Sean McVay relies on.

Apparently one of the most important people on the sidelines for every game is a guy named Ted Rath. It is his exclusive job to stand directly behind Coach McVay at all times. If in his enthusiasm, the coach ventures out onto the field or if he strays into the path of the sideline officials, it is Ted’s job to yank McVay back off the line.

I watched a bit of video and it is hilarious to see Ted at work. He takes his “Get Back Coach” responsibilities seriously. He just pulls Coach McKay this way and that, making sure he does not venture out too far and incur any penalties.

When I saw the article, I was a bit jealous. I wish I had someone whose sole job was to follow me around and make sure I “don’t get out of line.” Wouldn’t it be great if we had a constant companion who was totally focused on making sure we don’t find ourselves in trouble of some kind?

Oh wait, we do!

When Jesus was ready to leave His disciples, He prayed that the Father would send them the Holy Spirit as ANOTHER comforter. He said, “He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said.” (John 14:25-26) That sounds like a great sideline coach.

And then in John 16, He went on to pray that “When He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth…” There’s that guide. He is the ever-vigilant friend who is ready to nudge us (shove us, if we are hard headed) towards better decisions and choices.

I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit. And now I have a great mental picture of some of His activities on my behalf.  Maybe this week, you too can go look up that short ESPN video and do some grinning of your own.

As believers, we should be so grateful that we have the presence of God in our lives. As the great Puritan writer Thomas Goodwin once wrote:

“Thank you Holy Spirit, thank you Holy Spirit for teaching me, thank you for warring against the flesh, thank you for interceding for me, thank you for sealing and securing me, thank you for guiding me away from the path of temptation, thank you for empowering me in the face of sin.”



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