A Peach Colored Bible

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I had reason this past week to do some studying into Red Letter Bibles. Back in 1899, an editor of The Christian Herald, Louis Klopsch and some others decided to print a New Testament that emphasized the words of Jesus by rendering them in red.

A couple of years later, they printed a complete Bible with His words in red and many people embraced those editions. The problem is that scholars don’t always agree on which parts of a narrative are the author’s quotes of Jesus and which parts are just the story flowing along. But it does help focus our attention on Jesus’ instructions.

I am not a particular fan of the Red-Letter bible, but I did get to thinking about how the Lord could help me focus on the right teaching for the right moment. What if He supernaturally made my personal Bible the Peach Colored Version. (I like the color of peach a lot!)

What if every day as I jump into His Word, He just emphasized my particular lesson for that day by making the pertinent words all in a deep peach color? Might work…

But probably not. It’s not the color of the passage that is the problem. It is my attitude towards submission and worship. Too often I have me up on the throne and ignore placing Him in His rightly spot of honor.

The problem isn’t peach or red or green or blue. It is black, the color of my heart when I choose disobedience over reverence.

It has been relatively easy the past few months for me to chuck stones at folks in my world. I disagree with so many viewpoints; been disappointed with decisions made on my behalf; irritated with timetables, frustrated with the behavior of friends and generally very impatient with the pace of life.

But it’s not red or peach colored letters that I need to think about. It is the Holy Spirit that demands my attention as I read, study and memorize the words He is teaching me. It’s not where in God’s Word I am reading or which passage I am meditating on. It is the determination in my heart to make His book my marching orders. 

So, this week, use any colored marker that suits you. But let’s all redouble our efforts to submit our wills to His Word. “All scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (II Tim. 3:16)

Grab your Bible!



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