Beacause I Said I Would

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Garth Callaghan has been writing his daughter Emma notes on napkins for years. They are simple messages that just allow dad and daughter to have a connecting moment in the middle of the day.

But Garth has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and he is not sure how long he has to live. And he wants to make sure Emma has a note at lunchtime all the way through high school. So, he is in the process of writing another 826 notes. Because he cares so much, she will have an inspirational quote or affirming nod from him every single day until college.

And the folks at the non-profit organization, “Because I Said I Would” wanted him to have a platform for his message, a message that encourages parents to have a significant impact on their children. And so they are featuring Garth’s writing on their website (

This organization is both a social movement and an institution that wants to better humanity through the power of a promise. Their contention is that a promise made is good, a promise publicized is better and a promise kept and publicized is the best.

They print and distribute “Because I Said I Would” cards that anyone can use. A heroin addict promises to stay in rehab. A high school student promises to sit with the kids who are alone at lunch. A twenty some year old woman promises to stop harming herself. A college kid promises a kidney for his brother.

A promise made can become a promise kept.

By the way, on January 13th, Garth posted this on his blog: “I walked into work this morning and opened the lunchbox to pull out my oatmeal. I saw a paper towel next to my food. I was sure that I didn’t put anything like that in there.” (He opened the paper towel to see his daughter’s handwriting.) It said, “If my friends really did jump off a cliff, it’s because it was my idea. Sincerely, your daughter is a leader, not a follower. P.S. I think you used all the napkins.”

This week you and I ought to also be promise keepers. If we make a commitment at work, lets keep it. If we give our word to our spouse, let’s honor it. If we tell our kids we will do something, let’s do it…just because we said we would.

I John 2:5: “But whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected.”

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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