I Am Second

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Years ago I had a friend that always used a small “i” when referring to himself. The first person singular is normally capitalized, but he felt that it was a tangible way to express his humility before the Lord. I thought it was a good concept but a weird way to express the need for humility. Recently I found a much better way. It is a website called “I am Second.”

As part of a broader ministry called e3partners, this site is devoted to people struggling in life. It was created by Nathan Sheets who said, “We hope to inspire a revolution of second among people of all generations so that they may understand the fullness of life in Jesus.”

It is a series of video taped testimonies of actors, athletes, musicians and business leaders. People like Bethany Hamilton (professional surfer); Matt Barkley (football player), Stephen Baldwin (actor), Mike Huckabee (politician) and Brian Welch (musician with the band Korn) sit in a simple chair, look into the camera and tell their story. Regardless of their life story, the message they send is, “I am second….God is first.”

Their testimonies are very diverse. Their lifestyles are so different. Some struggled with drugs and alcohol. Some were addicted to sex and pornography. Others were intoxicated with fame and fortune. All of them now want to make certain and put Christ first in their lives.

Those of us who work with children (of all ages) are constantly looking for sources of good stories. We want to be able to point to someone’s real life and use it as an example of how to honor God in all we say and do. These stories on can be helpful in a variety of contexts. Watch a few with your son or daughter. Show one at a bible study to introduce a topic or concern. Encourage a friend to watch a particular story if their struggle matches the one on the website. It is powerful fodder for thought.

And this week, when you see some celebrity plastered all over the television for having done some heinous act or for participating in a particularly dumb thing, thank the Lord for ministries like “I am Second.” Let’s be grateful that there are examples readily available to be shared that lift up the name of Jesus and honor Him in our culture. Our kids need some positive models to follow. This website helps. Check it out!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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