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November 17, 2008


One of the political pundits that I enjoy reading had an interesting column this week. It seems that since the election, he has painstakingly reviewed all of Mr. Obama’s speeches and made a detailed list of all the promises he made throughout the campaign. The list was several pages long and included hundreds of promises under the headings of national security, labor, trade, taxes, employment, education, health care, social security and so on. The pundit suggested that we all copy the sheets and use them as a kind of check off list to monitor his promise keeping during his term of office.

Monitoring someone’s desire and ability to keep their promises is an effective way to evaluate their character.

Maybe that’s why God made sure and highlighted all His promises to us. He wanted to make sure we knew, respected and responded His character. As the scripture records some 366 (one for every day of the year…including leap year) very clear, very specific, very important promises to all His children, God invites us to take Him at His word.

This past ten days or so have been difficult for me. Having knee replacement surgery (again) has been a real challenge. The pain is real. The isolation is real. The unrequested quiet is real.

But as I am surrounded by medications, a leg exercise machine and pillows of every size and description, I am also surrounded by His unfailing love. That promise is in His word. I can and I am relying on it…

“…many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man (and woman) who trusts in Him.” (Ps. 32:10)

That’s a promise that I have confidence in. It’s a promise that comforts and encourages me. I am taking God at His word. I am trusting in His character. If I had a handy list of all 366 promises, I could tick them off one by one.

And so can you…go ahead, take Him at His word. Find one of those 366 promises that applies to you right now and let His unfailing love surround you in your world this week.

Warmest regards in Christ,
Sherry L. Worel
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools


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