He Makes Us Recover

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In the world of exercise, after each intensive set of pushing or pulling, there is something called a rest period. Experts suggest that there be time of 30 seconds to maybe 3 minutes after the “sweating” to pause and allow the body to recover. It allows for a replenishment of energy stores and a time for the body to repair any damaged tissues. Bottom line: it’s essential for effective results.

If that’s true about muscles, consider how true it is about everyday life. After an exertion, there needs to be a rest period. But most of us just keep on plowing. We tend to ignore the “call for a pause” and keep the stress meter on full.

And soon there are repercussions. Our bodies, minds and spirits cannot function at full tilt forever. Something will break down. For some of us it affects our immune system, for others there are migraines, and for still others there is depression. But make no mistake; eventually the pressure will yield a negative result.

I am confident that is why Jesus made it so clear that He would supply rest for His kids. In Matthew 29 that very well known passage reads: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Literally, the invitation is to those who are cut or have pain and to those who are burdened or loaded on by someone else. The rest He promises is stated in the original language like this: “I will rest you, I will make you recover.”

When we come to Him all beat up (self induced or not), He will force us to be healed. There is no arguing, we will be made to rest and we will recover.

I love that concept. When I am too distracted by the pace of things, if I will just call out to Him, He will step in and make me cease the struggle and help me embrace the recovery. Wow!

What a great thought for the “hustle” season of Christmas. Our challenge this week is to come to Him, seek His face, and know that He will cause us to be replenished in mind, body and soul. He will do the “work” of resting us.

This is the “peace on earth” we all crave. And, the good news is, it will result in good will towards everyone.


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