A Call to Action

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I believe that most Christians know about Meriam Ibrahim. Perhaps not by name, but you know her story. She is the Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for the crime of allegiance to Christ.

She was raised a Christian by her mother, but her estranged dad was a Muslim. So by Shariah law, she is an apostate and that is a crime punishable by death. She was also charged with adultery because the Muslim government does not recognize her marriage to her Christian husband.

Meriam was pregnant with her second child, but that did not stop the government from putting her in prison. Her 20-month-old son stays in her cell with her. With her legs shackled to the floor of a dirty prison infirmary, she recently gave birth to a daughter.

Her sentence will be carried out when her daughter is 2 years old. She will receive 100 lashes first and then be executed.

I share Meriam’s story as a call to action. Christians around the world are being persecuted, beaten, imprisoned and killed for their faith. Those of us who are blessed to live in a country with incredible religious freedoms ought not to take those blessings for granted. And, the awareness that others are persecuted for naming the name of Christ ought to motivate us to get involved.

This week, may I suggest that we consider some basic ways that we can help Meriam? (These thoughts come from the Advocates in Action newsletter)

  1. Of course, pray for her, her children and her husband.
  2. Contact your Congressman/woman and urge them to support House Resolution #601 that calls for her release.
  3. Like Meriam on her Facebook page. She will be aware and encouraged by your personal support.
  4. Consider writing the Sudanese authorities: Minister of Justice: Mohamed Bushara Douse, Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302 Al Nil Avenue, Khartoum, Sudan or

And lastly, pass the word along. Mention her to your friends at church. Pray specifically for her and all the others under persecution. Organizations like International Christian Concern (, the Voice of the Martyrs ( and Open Doors ( can help keep you informed.

Remember: but for the grace of God, her story could be ours.

By His Grace and For His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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