A Valuable New Benefit

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Every now and again, American Express sends me a nice glossy postcard to announce that I have a valuable new benefit. It might be a new partnership they have formed that gives me yet another airport lounge to sit in. Or it might be another discount I get with a home improvement store.

With each new announcement, they want me to feel better. They want me to know that now I have more access or more purchasing power or more travel options, or more everything.

Well, if they can do that with a dumb credit card, imagine what it would be like if we regularly received creative, well written enticing announcements about something really important? Maybe it would be something important like heaven.

Oh yes, come to think of it, we can receive those bulletins every single time we open our Bibles. God is not hiding anything from us. He is revealing what’s to come with great passion.

For an example, take a look at Revelation chapter 4 where we get to literally peek into the throne room of God. And what do we see there?

There is a throne upon which sits the transcendent almighty God. It is populated; there are elders and living creatures. The place is shaking with lightning and peals of thunder. And the entire scene is focused on the worship of the one on the throne.

They cry out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty.” A threefold expression like that conveys a superlative. It is the highest expression of worship. In our vernacular it might be, “wow oh wow … awesome, awesome, awesome!”

And once we see it, it affects us. In fact, it should change the way we wander through our week. This incredible peek into the future is an amazing, unbelievable addition to our mundane activities.

Thinking about that scene, imagining what it will be like. Realizing that we can speak everyday to the almighty King ought to change the way we worship now. We ought to consider how we do our devotional time. What’s our posture when we pray? Does it suggest real worship? What do we read? His Word or something someone told us about His Word?

Having the scriptures in our hands everyday is an amazing “value added benefit”. Let’s make sure this week we are immersed in it.

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