After You Hung Up, the Lord said He Loved You

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Right now, my personal prayer list includes a friend with a recently diagnosed life changing major illness, a girl friend who can’t leave her house because of the needs of her mother, two teenage friends who had car accidents this week, a colleague who can’t pay their rent increase, a family member who struggles to keep the Lord on His throne, an old friend in the hospital and a young adult challenged with significant mental health concerns.

People have issues.

It’s tax season and that always puts pressure on families. Single moms need help. Folks are losing their homes. Marriages are strained. College costs are driving families to despair. Young couples are crammed into their parents’ homes saving like mad for an opportunity to buy something of their own.

Society has issues.

Within a short two-week span of time, I was told that I need cataract and skin cancer surgery.

I have issues.

Living in a fallen world (Genesis 3), all of us are forced to deal with circumstances that hurt. We are pressed, pushed, and paralyzed by the “stuff” modern living deals out. But lest we think that the Lord is ignoring our challenging issues, He reminds us to “Call to me and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3)

To reinforce that thought, consider this story from days gone by (before cell phones). It is from a book called “We Brake for Joy” by Barbara Johnson.

“A man called his wife from an airport pay phone. When he had used up all his coins, the operator interrupted to say that he had one minute left. The man hurriedly tried to finish his conversation with his wife, but before they could tell each other good-bye, the line went dead. With a sigh, the man hung up the phone and started to leave the little telephone cubicle.

Just then the phone rang. Thinking it was the operator wanting more money, the man almost didn’t answer. But something told him to pick up the phone. And sure enough, it was the operator. But she didn’t want more money. Instead she had a message for him.

‘After you hung up, your wife said she loved you,’ the operator said. ‘I thought you’d want to know.’”

If you are particularly burdened in prayer this week for yourself or others, it’s probably a good time to remember that after you “hang up” with the Lord, He always says He loves you!



  1. Erica Norton on Facebook

    This is wonderful! We are so blessed to have her encouragement and teaching. Can’t wait for bible study tomorrow morning!!!

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