Audience of One

by | Apr 23, 2023 | 2023, Musings | 0 comments

I recently read that Mumbai (the capital city of India) established 16 different “no selfie zones” across the city. They are concerned about the rise in accidents and deaths occurring because people get so absorbed with their own agenda (getting a cool picture of themselves) that they fail to see danger lurking around them.

The Washington Post reported that over 250 people have died in recent years while attempting various kinds of selfies. These camera-ready folks died from drowning (inadvertently falling into a body of water), animal attacks, being hit by vehicles and even while messing with firearms.

You would have to admit that our culture is absolutely enamored with self. Instead of THE truth, we now discuss YOUR truth or MY truth. We are consumed with expressing every personal thought via social media (even if that thought isn’t worth sharing).

Think for a moment about that phrase, “Audience of One.” Generally, that idea suggests that since the Lord sees all our choices, behaviors and attitudes we should act accordingly. Instead of concentrating on satisfying our own desires, we should be motivated to please Him.

But what if that “Audience of One” is not the Lord, but it is me (or you)? I am wondering if the “selfie” rage isn’t just an expression of our very selfish hearts? Too often, Christians fall into the trap of thinking solely about themselves, rather than delighting the Lord with our obedience. The bane of a prosperous society is the lack of dependence on our Savior. We think that we don’t really need Him, so our focus is solely on self. I am thinking that we ought to take every opportunity to change those selfish attitudes.

The concept of an “Audience of One” is discussed in that very powerful little verse in John 3:30. There John the Baptist asserts that “HE (Jesus) must increase, and I must decrease.” Some translations render it, “He must become greater, I must become less.”

This week is a great opportunity to think more about Him than us. We should strive to please Him and not placate our own desires. We should make His agenda more important than our own plans. We need to let our calling impact our calendar. We need to make sure He reigns and sits on the throne of our hearts, not us.

 Now that is a true “Audience of One!”