Christians Need to Stay in the Marketplace

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A few weeks ago Pope Benedict visited the United Kingdom. During his visit, he gave a speech at the Westminster Hall to the members of Parliament and various religious leaders. Among a whole host of other reflections, he commented that there are some people who want to see “the voice of religion” silenced.

He went on to say, “I cannot but voice my concern at the increasing marginalization of religion, particularly of Christianity, that is taking place in some quarters, even in nations which place a great emphasis on tolerance.”

Although I clearly do not agree with the Pope’s overall theological perspective, I do agree with this point. Christianity is being marginalized. The proverbial “marketplace” in our society is becoming incredibly secularized. The voice of reason given by spiritual leaders who know and respect Christ is often absent in the main flow of our society. And we are none the better for it!

Admittedly in a pluralistic society, the voice of religion must by definition sound more like an orchestra than a quartet, but the sounds should still be heard. And, the voice of believers ought to reverberate in the halls of all our townships. Unfortunately, in many instances, mainstream America not only no longer reflects a Judeo-Christian ethic, but is missing the general reflections of morality itself.

And our children will pay the price.

This week we ought to all sit down and find three ways in which our voice, our Christian voice can be heard in our community. We need to weigh in on discussions (public or private) that allow us to voice a biblical perspective on any issue. We must ignore the old adage to avoid talking about politics and religion. Instead, we ought to engage fully in both discussions.

We should pray in public. Sing in public. Admonish our children from a biblical perspective in public.

In short, we ought to act just like the little girl I heard singing a few weeks ago. I was in a RV park, nestled down in my motor home reading a good book. It was dusk and the kids in the park were playing outside. While everyone had scattered in the midst of their “hide and seek” game, I heard a sweet little voice singing at the top of her lungs. She was belting out a kids’ gospel song. Before I was aware of it, I was singing along with her.

The words ringing through that camp that night were, “rise and shine and give God the glory, glory. Rise and shine and give Him the glory…”

She was right that night and still is. We all need to rise and shine and give God the glory…especially in our public life! We dare not let our voices be drowned out!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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