Dealing with Disappointments

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Years ago I attended a seminar called “Basic Youth Conflicts,” and it changed my life. I was so young in my faith, so rough around the spiritual edges that I needed a totally new way of thinking about life. And the material in those sessions certainly struck a chord that continues to reverberate in my heart.

Perhaps the greatest principle that still speaks to my soul is the concept of “birth of a vision/death of a vision.” This concept helps equips the believer to deal with the various disappointments we all encounter in life.

It all starts when we experience a moment of great clarity. We can almost see or taste the new idea or vision for the future. We get all excited about its potential to bless others and us. We are off to the races with tons of great ideas.

And then the bottom drops out. The great plan falls apart. The job is eliminated. The scholarship is rescinded. The house falls out of escrow. The potential mate says no. The move is off.

Suddenly, we are left with a sad heart that can easily slip into bitterness. We had the birth of an amazing vision. It looked great and would have been wonderful. We can’t imagine why God would not bless that great vision.

And then it dies.

But what we often fail to see is the supernatural fulfillment of that original vision. God takes the original idea, changes it to suit His plan and suddenly something much better is at hand. We just need to wait and be open to what He wants to do with that disappointment.

Consider Abraham. He had a vision of being the father of a great nation (birth of a vision). Sarah was barren (death of a vision). God gave them Isaac in spite of their old age (supernatural fulfillment).

Consider Moses. He had a vision of leading his people out of Egypt (birth of a vision). The Israelites drove him out after he murdered someone (death of a vision). Forty years later, God gave him amazing powers with which to convince Pharaoh to let His people go (supernatural fulfillment of the original vision).

Consider the disciples. They had a vision of establishing God’s kingdom on earth (birth of a vision). Jesus is killed and the disciples huddle fearfully up in the upper room (death of a vision). God raised Jesus from the dead and gave the disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit (supernatural fulfillment of the original vision).

So this week, consider your latest and greatest idea or plan. Remember that the grain of wheat had to “die” (germinate) in the ground in order for there to be a harvest. Don’t focus on the birth of a vision or wail over the death of one. Instead, let’s keep our eyes open for the supernatural fulfillment!  It’s coming!


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