Delighting in the Grandeur of God

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As you read this musing, I am sailing the inland passage of Alaska. This is one of my favorite places to be. You sit on a balcony with a pair of binoculars and watch God’s incredible nature float by.

The mountains of Alaska are variegated shades of grey depending on the weather. The water is blue green with occasional tinges of white caps. Little black shapes roll in the water reminding you that sea creatures really do exist.


Spending extended time out of doors always makes me think of the content in a cherished book called, How Majestic is Thy Name. The authors use incredible photographs of the universe, weather patterns, animals and various elements to declare the greatness of our God.

One section focuses on the planets and our sun. 93 million miles away the sun’s surface is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, but its core is a sizzling 27 million degrees. If it were a few miles further away in space, we would freeze to death. A few miles closer and we would fry like a piece of bacon. God placed it in just the right place as a “greater light to govern the day.” (Gen. 1:16)

Asteroids by the millions zip around the heavens. Those falling rocks were also set into place by the Lord (Psalm 8:3). The oceans are estimated at 329 cubic miles, 11 times the volume of dry land. And yet, God quiets the waters with a single word of instruction: “Peace! (Mark 4:39)

Lightening strikes the earth 100 times every second. That’s over 8 million strikes each day. A single bolt can heat up the air to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit and carry up to several hundred million volts. And yet, Job reminds us that God directs those bolts (Job 38:35).

The wind demonstrates the incredible power of the Lord. Apparently, over 800 tornadoes are reported every year and then there are the hurricanes. We might ask, “Where does the wind come from?” Psalm 135 declares that the wind comes out of God’s storehouse.

Precious metals speak of God. His words are referred to as flawless “…like silver refined in a furnace of gold.” (Ps. 12) The streets of heaven will be paved with pure gold and the wisdom God wants to impart to His kids is of greater worth than rubies, topaz, jasper or other jewels (Job 28).

Bottom line: summer is a great opportunity to spend lots of time out of doors. This week let’s all find a quiet moment and stare out into nature. You can do it at the beach, on a hike, camping in the mountains or even in your back yard.

As you rest there, consider the question posed by the Psalmist in Psalm 8:

“When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which you have set in place-What is man that you are mindful of Him?”


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