Don’t Forget to Look After Me

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Max Lucado tells a neat story in his book, In the Grip of Grace.

“‘Good, I ‘m glad you’re sitting by me. Sometimes I throw up.’ Not exactly what you like to hear from the airline passenger in the next seat. Before I had time to store my bag in the overhead compartment, I knew his name, age, and itinerary. ‘I’m Billy Jack. I’m fourteen and I am going home to see my daddy.’ I started to tell him my name, but he spoke first.

I need someone to look after me. I get confused a lot. He told me about the special school he attended and the medication he took. ‘Can you remind me to take my pill in a few minutes?’ Before we buckled up he stopped the airline attendant. ‘Don’t forget about me,’ he told her. ‘I get confused.’

When he started playing with his Nintendo Game Boy, I tried to doze off. That’s when he started making noises with his mouth, imitating a trumpet. He was a little boy in a big body. ‘Can clouds hit the ground?’ he asked me. But he would not let a flight attendant pass without a reminder: ‘Don’t forget to look after me.’

When they brought the food, he said, ‘Don’t forget to look after me.’ When they brought more drinks, ‘Don’t forget to look after me.’ When any attendant would pass, he would urge, ‘Don’t forget to look after me.’

I honestly can’t think of one time Billy Jack didn’t remind the crew that he needed attention. The rest of us didn’t. We never asked for help. We were grownups. Sophisticated. Self-reliant.

It occurred to me that Billy Jack was the safest person on the flight. Had the plane encountered trouble, he would have received primary assistance. The flight attendants would have bypassed me and gone to him. Why? He had placed himself in the care of someone stronger.”

Perhaps this week you and I ought to give some thought to placing ourselves in the care of someone much stronger. Someone who holds the universe in the palm of His hand might be a good candidate for the job. Someone who is intimately acquainted with all our ways and yet desperately seeks a relationship with us is probably qualified. Someone who has extended grace upon grace during our befuddled lives would be a wonderful choice.

Instead of playing the sophisticated traveler, maybe we ought to pause today and recognize that we indeed need help. We need help making good choices. We need the assistance of a Savior. We need the leading of the Spirit. We need the blessings from our heavenly Father.

So join me, just shout it out…”Don’t forget to look after me.” And I promise you, He will!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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