Faith that can be Followed

by | Feb 19, 2023 | 2023, Musings | 0 comments

In the recently released “Top Gun: Maverick” movie, Maverick is tasked with teaching a select group of young, “hot shot” aviators how to fly an impossible route and blow up an important military target. It is a target that everyone believes is impossible to hit. They spend days practicing racing through canyons at breakneck speed and no one can accomplish the task. No amount of coaching, teaching, practicing or simulating the run can get it done.

But, after Maverick is relieved of his command, fired from the navy and told to “stand down,” he “borrows” a jet and goes screaming down the preset route at a record speed. He accomplishes the job. The young flyers watch intently as Maverick convinces them that it can in fact be accomplished.

His faith in the process can now be followed. They are all ready to go fly that same route and do the deed.

Our spiritual faith is a lot like that. When we are actively pursuing a life filled with spiritual works, that pursuit encourages others. It convinces them that such a life can be lived.  Spiritual works show others that the life God has called us to, is doable. It almost lays out a path to follow.

As the announcements were shared in my church this past Sunday, the junior high and high school students were affirmed for all their hard work in Kid’s Life. It got me to thinking about all the adults who are pouring into those young people, taking them to camp, meeting in small groups, taking the time to pray with individuals and modeling what it is like to serve others.

That’s why we have such great teen volunteers in Kid’s Life, they have seen cheerful volunteerism displayed every week. The path to serving others has been laid out in front of them. It’s “the yellow brick road.” They can’t miss it. Now they are motivated to serve others too.

So, this week, when the Lord lays an activity on your heart and nudges you to get involved, don’t ignore it. Don’t declare, “With my schedule, it can’t be done!” Even if the service isn’t perfect, it lays out an example that can be followed.

Your spouse is watching. Your kids are taking notes. Your friends are curious and wonder if you will follow through. Your service will be a blessing, so go get it done. And remember, you are carving out a path that others can emulate.

Be the example of a faith that can be followed!