Fishing (Literally and Biblically)

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I think I should move to South Carolina. The folks there have their priorities straight as evidenced by the latest initiative among the High Schools. It seems that the students and their coaches are pushing the state Department of Natural Resources to make fishing a competitive sport. And they want that club to be recognized as a varsity sport!

“They want their picture on the wall just like the football team and the volleyball and basketball team and other state champion teams from Camden, said Daniel Sisk, the fishing club coach at Camden High School at Camden High School in Columbia.”

Since I love to fish, I highly endorse this effort!!

But seriously, I got to thinking about such an emphasis on fishing. As Christians, “fishing” is a major topic of incredible importance. Now, we are not hauling in 40 lb. halibut or 29 inch salmon (come see my pictures!). But we are focused on sharing the gospel with real live people. As Jesus said to his first disciples, “Come, follow me and I will send you out to fish for people.”

If this topic is so important to Christ (and it is!), it begs the question “How are we doing?” Depending on which survey you cite, not so good!

It seems that 95 percent of all Christians have never personally won anyone to Christ. Apparently only 2% of church goers are involved in any kind of evangelism effort. Even those in leadership score poorly. One survey (quoted out of Street Level Evangelism by Michael Parrott) noted that less than half of the leadership of a specific denomination spent any time during the week ministering to folks outside of their church.

That’s not much “fishing!”

Around the world, the results are mixed. In the book, 2020 Vision by Bill and Amy Stearns, it is asserted that every day 74,000 people across the globe come to faith in Christ. That is 3,083 new fellow believers every hour of every day. But with some 865 million unreached Muslims, 550 million unreached Hindus, 150 million unreached Chinese and 2550 unreached tribal groups-we have much work to do.

May I suggest that his week, in your own corner of the world, you go fishing? Stop and have a meaningful conversation with your next door neighbor. Share your faith over lunch with a co-worker. Call a family member and let them know what Christ means to you.

As we wield our proverbial poles or nets…lets all join the cry of the Psalmist: “I will praise you among the nations, O Lord.” (Psalm 18:49)

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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