Generous People

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It is time for true confessions. I have never enjoyed the movie, A Christmas Carol. I think I just don’t like Ebenezer Scrooge. Truth is, I just don’t like stingy, self-centered people. They make me sad and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, being around a generous person instantly and significantly lifts our spirits. There is a palpable sense of grace when we experience the generosity of folks around us. Maybe their kindness is extended directly to us, but maybe we just get to see it in action.

Either way, I think we all know what a blessing it is to be amongst generous people. With our world so strained right now, this holiday season is a great opportunity for you and I to lead by example. Let’s be generous people!

Our motivation stems from the undeniable fact that we don’t own all our “stuff.” Everything we have tucked in a closet, deposited in the bank or boxed up in our garage are gifts from God. The Chronicler remarked, “Everything comes from you and we have given you only what comes from you” (I Chron. 29:14).

Since it all belongs to Him anyway, it should be easy to share it with others. It definitely is “more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

I am guessing that we all  want to be known as a generous person. So, let me share with you my personal verse for this season. It is found in Luke 6:30 where it states, “give to anyone who asks of you…” If somebody asks, I am trying to respond and give.

Just for fun, I am encouraging you to join me in this effort. For the next few weeks, every time you see a request- spoken, in print, in an email, in a letter or in the media- GIVE. Just go ahead and GIVE generously.

And remember, money is not the only resource we can give away. We can give time. Stop the hustle and bustle and sit for a bit and chat with a friend. What a blessing that will be. We can give of our talents. Make something for a friend and share it. Watch their face light up at the thrill of something given so sweetly.

We can give energy. Do a project for a friend. Help a senior lift something, move something, plant something. Tutor a student. Volunteer at a shelter. Make meals for the homeless.

And we can give prayer. Pray generously for the health of those around you. Ask the Lord to guide our governmental officials. Rain down blessings for all the first responders working so hard for all of us. Pray often and with fervor.

Generous people make a difference!



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