Godly Obsession

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October 6, 2008

Godly Obsession

One of my heroes from English history is William Wilberforce. He was born in 1760 and died in 1833. He was an evangelical member of the British parliament. And he had a compelling obsession.

For forty six years, William Wilberforce was consumed with the zeal to abolish slavery and the African slave trade industry. From the time he was first sent to parliament at the age of 21 until his last year of service at age 65, he never lost an election. His constituencies deeply appreciated his work. But during that same time period, his bills focused on the cause against slavery were defeated in the English parliament 11 times!

Year after year, parliament session after session, committee meeting after committee meeting, Wilberforce remained singularly focused on the abolishment of slavery. He considered it blight on the English people and a crime against God. He was relentless in his pursuit.

Finally in 1807, the slave trade was abolished. And just three years before his death, slavery itself was outlawed.

Wilberforce was consumed with the cause of public righteousness. He made tremendous personal and political sacrifices to see the wrong made right. His Godly obsession resulted in a dramatic turn in English history and ultimately affected the way the rest of the world treated slavery!

So what is your “magnificent obsession?” What one thing (Phil.3:13) drives your life? Have you articulated the purpose for your existence? What job does the Lord have picked out for you? And even more importantly, are you doing it?

For some, God has called you to raise Godly children, modeling His love in the confines of your family, thrusting the next generation out into the world with a heart bent for God. Others have careers that not only allow them to sustain their families but afford them a platform for sharing the gospel in the work place. Others have a job that is also a ministry…what a blessing that is to be able to combine those two efforts in a seamless way.

Regardless of what our place in life is; we too need to be consumed with a Godly passion. Like Wilberforce, we need to be radically focused on a Godly obsession. If you are having trouble identifying yours; consider this one:

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Warmest regards in Christ,
Sherry L. Worel
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools


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