Granny Brand: “Give Me Another Mountain”

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A few years ago, John Ortberg wrote an article about a missionary to India named Evelyn Brand. (Her son is Paul Brand, a brilliant doctor with an incredible spiritual ministry.) Ortberg entitled his article, “God, Give Me Another Mountain” and in it, he highlighted the courageous faith of Evelyn.

Let me share a bit about this remarkable lady. As a young single woman, Evelyn felt called to serve the Lord in India. She struggled to make that happen and eventually married a young man named Jessie Brand and they began their work in rural India. They did practical things like help build roads so as to reduce the isolation of the poor. They trucked in educational and medical supplies to help relieve the suffering.

It took over seven years of faithful service until they saw a single convert to Jesus Christ. And that conversion came because Jessie and Evelyn nursed a tribal leader back to health, when no one else would have anything to do with him. Their compassion warmed the hearts of the people and they went on to enjoy thirteen years of fruitful ministry together. When Evelyn was 50 years old, Jessie died.

Evelyn continued to serve the people of India as a widow for another twenty years and then she heard from her mission board back home. They were unwilling to give her another five-year term and threw her a going away party. But she quietly announced, “I’ll tell you a little secret, I am not going home.” And she didn’t.

At 70 plus years of age, she rode her pony along the mountain trails and sweetly shared the gospel with all who would listen. At 75 years of age, she fell off that pony and broke her hip. Her son tried to get her to return home and recuperate. She said, “I am not going home. God give me another mountain.”

At 93 years of age, she could no longer ride on horseback. So, the men of the villages made her a special stretcher and for two years carried her up and down the mountains until she graduated to heaven.

This past couple of weeks, I have been struggling with some health issues…pneumonia and asthma mostly. And I thought I had plenty to complain about until I read about Evelyn. Truth is, when I “grow up,” I want to be like her. I would like my life to have that kind of impact. I would love to be declaring at 75, “God, give me another mountain.”

How about you?

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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