It is Paid

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Every now and again, a serendipity moment occurs that changes the course of your whole day. One of those moments happened a month or so ago to a dear friend of mine. She was in the drive through line at McDonald’s, waiting to pay (I won’t mention that she was waiting to purchase some sugar cookies). As she approached the payment window, the young girl manning the cash register grinned and said “Your bill was paid by the woman in the car in front of you.”

My friend strained to look into that car, but she had no idea who her benefactor was. So, she just smiled real big and said, “Well, how much is the bill of the kid in the car behind me?” She promptly paid that bill and drove on through. The experience made her smile all day!

But imagine how it was for the cashier. She got to pass along the blessing…twice! (It would have been even more fun if the chain had kept going all day.)

Being able to tell folks that their bill has already been paid in full would be a wonderful full time job!

But wait…as Christians, we already have that job!

Every single day we have the opportunity to share the gospel with everyone we know. And the heart of the gospel message is found in that incredible Greek word in John 19:30 where Jesus shouts, “tetelestai”- “It is finished.” The payment for our sin has been paid in full. Your sin (and mine) has been covered by the blood of Christ. His sacrifice paid the bill. Nothing remains.

This is incredible news. And we get to share it every day. So, maybe this week is a great time to think this concept through and be a bit more intentional about our messaging.

Let’s make sure everyone we meet knows that their spiritual bill has been paid in full!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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