Jesus Is Calling

by | Nov 14, 2021 | 2021, Musings | 0 comments

When I was a kid and the phone rang in our house, it was my job to answer it. And it went something like this: “Good morning. Worel’s residence, Sherry speaking.” And after pleasantries were exchanged, I would go on to say, “May I please say who is calling?”

You see, with my dad being in the military, every phone call was treated as if the Admiral on the base was calling our house.

Truth is, that training not only set me up for some great work place phone etiquette, but It hopefully positioned me to be spiritually responsive to the Lord. When He calls, we ought to be listening!

II Timothy 1:9 declares that you and I have been saved and called to a holy life. The verse goes on to share that our calling is not because of anything we have done, but because of His own purpose and grace. It is an amazing calling and we dare not take it lightly or ignore its importance.

Over the span of our lifetimes, each of us may experience any number of “callings.” We may be called to marriage, or singleness. We may be called towards a particular profession or career. We may be called to move here or there. We may be called to serve in any number of ministries or outreaches.

But there is a calling that is germane to every one of our lives and it never changes!

The scriptures make clear that we all have a personal calling to preach the gospel and make disciples. It isn’t a career or a job spelled out on a resume. But it is a calling that is recorded in the annals of heaven.

It is a calling that involves every single one of His kids. At our places of work, in our homes, in our neighborhoods and around the globe, we are called to make Him known. And when we do so, God is glorified!

So this week, every time you and I hear the phone ring, let’s use it as a reminder to make Him known. Let’s be intentional about our testimony before friends, co-workers and family. We are entering the season when our culture is more open to spiritual conversations. Let’s have them!

Jesus is indeed calling, He is calling all of us! Let’s pick up and speak up!



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