Miracles Do Happen

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With permission, I would like to share a miraculous story in this Musing about a Christian radio program in Albania. Albania is spiritually one of the darkest spots on earth. Very little gospel messaging is allowed in that country. But there was a recent miracle.

Leda Kumaraku, a Guidelines’ Radio partner, shared this. “I had a 90-minute show on the radio that focused on Israel. It had interviews with high-ranking individuals like ambassadors. I wanted people to know more about Israel, to pray and hear from people who were saved in Albania from the Holocaust.

I went into the studio and the engineer told me that the station was off the air. ‘It doesn’t work. The transmitter is completely broken.’

So, I asked him, ‘Why are you telling this to me? You know I don’t repair transmitters.’ He replied, “I am telling you; you can’t do your program.’ Then I told him, ‘Just prepare all the intros and outros. Just make it ready, because I am going to be on the radio. That’s it!’

The engineer repeated, ‘Did you hear me? There is no signal!’ To which I responded, ‘Are you going to come over here and pray right now over the microwave link that sends out the signal (that was not working)?’ ‘I am not that stupid, replied the engineer.’

So, Leda said, ‘Okay then step aside and don’t talk.’ Then Leda prayed over the transmitter. But it still didn’t work. So, he went into the studio and sat in front of the microphone and prayed again, ‘Lord, I ‘ve done my part. You know how many hours I have worked for this program. You know I don’t know how to repair this thing. And you know I do not have the money to repair it. So, I have done my part, now you do yours!’”

One minute before the scheduled show time, the transmitter began to work. The signal was as clear as it could be for 90 minutes. Even more amazing, for the next six months the transmitter worked just as the time of the program! And the engineers had a lesson on how to keep silent and pray.

Too often in the midst of a very cynical world, even believers begin to doubt the miraculous power of our Lord. Every now and again, we need to be reminded that God is still in the business of doing miracles. He will provide for His servants. He will enable them to do His work.

The people of Albania heard that program and the others to come.

This week would be an excellent opportunity to be on the lookout for “God Sightings.” They exist all around us. And He is delighted when we are refreshed as we remember: “But if it were I, I would appeal to God, I would lay my cause before Him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:8-9).



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