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Did you know that back in the 1930s when Disney began work on the movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the writers compiled a list of some 35 possible names for those sweet curmudgeons?  That long list included Burpy, Dippy, Puffy, Shifty and others. But they settled on Doc, Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy.

As the holidays get into full swing (right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic), I am thinking that we might find ourselves occasionally acting like one of those dwarfs. (Today I was mostly Dopey.)

Truth is, we are pretty quick to slap on a self-imposed moniker and its usually not all that flattering.  Our self-talk can get pretty ragged and the labels can be brutal. And often our comments are not that accurate. There is a world of difference between saying “I failed three times” and saying “I am a failure.”

I had a chance to think about these self-directed conversations this week. And I have concluded that they are not the least bit helpful. What we ought to be doing is rehearsing our standing, our identity and our position in Christ.

I found one saying that  I particularly like. It declared that  “I don’t have to marry a prince to be a princess when I am the daughter of the King.”(This one is mine, with a little work, I am sure you can find one too.)

So perhaps this week, as part of our Advent traditions, we can all focus on the scriptures that outline our identity in Christ. We can express our gratitude for the grace that has been given to us in Him (I Cor. 1:4). That grace permeates our health, our homes, our work, our families, and our futures. And regardless of our current circumstances, we can recognize that He leads us to triumph in all things (II Cor. 2:14).

And my favorite new Advent declaration is found in Eph. 2:10 where He asserts that we are His workmanship. That is an old English word that means His handiwork. We are the result of His purposeful, highly creative desire to make men (and women) in His image.  He has created us one at a time, with each person having their own purpose for life.

So, no more “Dopey” for me. And I encourage you to join me in this meaningful “mantra:”  “ I am a child of the King. He calls me His own. I have worth and dignity because of Him. I have value and importance in His eyes.”

And He sent that baby for me! (And you!)



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