No Hoarding Financial Resources

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Several years ago, Chuck Swindoll wrote about Bertha Adams, a 71-year-old who died alone in West Palm Beach, Florida. The coroner’s report cited the cause of death to be malnutrition. At the end, she weighed only 50 pounds.

When the authorities began to dig through her home, they found a gigantic mess. The neighbors reported that she begged food from them and wore clothes she had from the Salvation Army. By all accounts, she was a penniless, deserted old recluse.

But in the midst of all the accumulated garbage, the officials also found a couple of keys to safe-deposit boxes at two local banks. In the first box they found stock certificates, bonds, other financial securities, not to mention about $200,000 IN CASH.

The second box had another $600,000. So, the net worth of Mrs. Adams was well over a million dollars!

Why would she do such a thing? Was she saving her money? Hoarding it? Maybe she was worshipping her security? Regardless of her motivation, the bottom line was a gross misuse of resources.

What is the lesson for those of us who do not have hidden safety deposit boxes filled with money? USE IT! If God provides any number of resources, wisely use it. Invest in ministries that share the gospel far and wide. Bless your friends with meals and small gifts that show your real affection. Slip your nieces and nephews a few twenties in a cute card. Their grin is so worth it.

Help kids go to summer Bible camp. It might be their only opportunity to turn aside and do real business with God. Send a few restaurant cards to your local Bible college or seminary. Ask the powers that be to bless a young couple that is struggling just to get through school. A night out at Olive Garden will be a big deal!

Listen at church for missions’ projects that need support. Give anonymously, but generously. Ask the family what a cancer victim would really enjoy and make it happen!  Door dash an extravagant meal to your pastor’s house, He is worth it!

Set up a legacy gift to your church or a Christian non-profit. Start savings accounts for your family. See an attorney and arrange for a trust that can bless folks when you are gone. The financial tools are all so readily available.

Bottom line: don’t let financial resources sit in cold metal boxes. Circulate them. Let them bless others. Let generosity be the theme of your life. As God has blessed you, pass it on.

II Cor. 9:7 “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”



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