Open the Door

by | Nov 16, 2015 | 2015, Musings | 2 comments

On the way to work this morning, I passed a bus stop. On the bench was an elderly man and he was sipping from a bottle of gin or vodka. It was about 7:20am and he needed some liquid encouragement.

I had a conversation with myself…”I wonder how difficult it would be to sit down and present Christ to him.”

And very quickly I remembered the words of my Bible study this week. We are in Revelation 3 and studying the church in Laodicea. You know the one that God wanted to vomit out of His mouth! That church was described as not realizing that they were wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

That’s the description of church people, not guys sipping booze at 7 in the morning.

So maybe the question is…how difficult is it to sit down next to folks who claim to know Christ and have a meaningful conversation about eternal matters?

We don’t realize just how wretched and spiritually blind we are. So often we get caught up in all kinds of peripheral matters and miss the main thing.

Case in point the dumb cups from Starbucks. Maybe if we spent a little less time worried about how the world keeps Christ in Christmas we could spend a little more time worried about how Christians keep Christ center place in their hearts-every day of the year.

In that same passage of Revelation 3, there is that famous scene of Christ knocking on the door and asking to come in. We often use that as an evangelistic tool. But in context, it was directed to the church…towards us!

The verb tenses suggest that He has been standing at the door for a long time and He continues to knock. Wrapped up in the “stuff” of every day life, we tend to ignore the knocking.

So maybe this week we could stop and take stock of our spiritual condition. In what ways are we blind or naked or pitiful? And then let’s just do the obvious thing…open the door. Invite Christ into our every day lives and enjoy that great relationship He promises.




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