Our Finest Gifts

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It’s the Christmas season and there is wonderful music wafting all around us. The song, “Little Drummer Boy” was playing in my car the other day so I stopped and listened to the words. The phrase, “our finest gifts we bring” caught my attention.

I began asking myself some questions. What are my “finest gifts?” Why are they “fine?” How do I give them to Jesus? How do I make sure they are “special” and worthy of Him?

I realized that I often have the idea that God is expecting “exceptional gifts.” But since I live in an ordinary world, doing ordinary things, I am troubled that my “gifts” will probably fall far short of some high, spiritual standard.

The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that God isn’t looking for some extraordinary expression of my love. He isn’t going to be impressed with some extraordinary service that I do.

He just wants me to be intentional in my daily life and make sure I choose to glorify Him in my regular “stuff.” I need to stop looking for the magnanimous gifts and instead find those mundane ways to praise His name.

This week, maybe we all should focus on simple questions like, who is my neighbor? What do I have at hand that could be offered as a sacrifice or service? What is my personal story or testimony of faith? How can I share it? Where can I share it?

Remember, our neighbors are not just those who live on our street. Our neighbors include the grocery store lady, the guy who drives the school bus, the men and women in blue who protect our community and lots of others.

A sacrifice or service might be a plate of cookies dropped off at the local fire station, or a card sent to someone in the military or a dinner for a mom with a newborn. Stopping by a nursing home and offering to drive some of the residents around so they can look at Christmas lights might be a significant service offered to the Lord.

My story, the account of my salvation and Christian life might never be made into an award-winning movie, but it is powerful even if I just share it with an old friend over a cup of coffee.

So this season, let’s abandon the silly pursuit of a perfect gift for the Lord. Instead, let’s be intentional about giving “fine gifts” of time, care, love and sacrifice. Let’s do it in the name of our Savior.

I am convinced it will be exceptionally well received…bow or no bow.


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