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I have had it with political ads. We are still weeks away from state elections, and the mud slinging is at a fever pitch. And I am weary of it all. In fact, I am weary of the unkind rhetoric that surrounds most every candidate and political position throughout our nation.

Now I should fess up to being a red blooded American patriot. I used to say that I was to the right of Genghis Khan in my political persuasion. But I am down right weary of the unkind slander that seems to rule the airways. It doesn’t matter whether you stand to the right or to the left, politics has become a dirty word and those who participate in the process are vilified from they time they sign an application to throw their hat in the ring.

So where are the statesmen of yesterday? At the start of our nation, I read that there were six world class leaders. With a population of only 3 million, we managed to produce six men who were internationally recognized as true statesmen.

If you use that same ratio, today we should have 80 such world class leaders! Where are they? And how should we choose the next generation of leaders?

Perhaps we should take to heart the lesson illustrated in Acts chapter one verses 23-26. Because of Judas’ betrayal, the apostles needed another man to fill their ranks. So, they prayed, “Lord you know the hearts of men. Show which of these two you have chosen.” And then they drew lots. I am not sure whether they used short straws, or a kind of dice or whatever. But the point is they trusted God for the outcome.

What a concept. If we had that kind of confidence in the providence and sovereignty of God, we might take seriously the statement in Romans 13 that all powers that be are ordained by God. We might actually rest in that thought!

Now before you label me as an uninvolved citizen and urge me to participate to the fullest extent of the law of our land, I do. In fact I take those responsibilities very serious. I vote regularly. I try to stay informed. I participate in friendly debates with friends and family. I take a stand on social issues. I volunteer on a city committee.

But I do not want to franticly run around besmirching others. I do not want to lend a voice to the clamor of inane voices screaming for their political way. There must be a more civilized way to disagree about the direction of our society and still rally around leaders who hope to guide us toward a better tomorrow.

So this week, when you hear one of those ads on the radio or TV, stop and pray. Ask God to chose the right candidates (positions, policies of government) and trust HIM!

And don’t forget to vote!


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