The Power of a Great Testimony

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I love sports. I love the Super Bowl. I especially loved hearing the comments from the winning team last week. First up was the coach who declared that all the credit for their success went to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Then the current quarterback acknowledged that all his blessings came directly from God.

And then they talked to the quarterback who got hurt earlier in the season. He too acknowledged the importance of his walk with the Lord. So I was curious. I went looking to see what kind of impact they were having on the team. And it’s incredible! Seems that not too long ago, they even had baptisms in one of the pools at the training camp!

The power of a great testimony came screaming through in the context of a sporting event!

But, there’s a neat illustration from history too. I read this week about the Warner sisters (Susan and Anna) who lived across the river from West Point. For some 50 years, they held regular Bible studies for the cadets. When the sisters were too old and feeble to keep going over the river to the academy, the cadets came to them.

No one wanted to miss their Bible study. Those women were dearly loved and respected.

And it seems that, to this day, there are only two civilians buried in the West Point cemetery: Susan and Anna Warner!

There is incredible power in a good testimony before men. This week is a great time to evaluate the power of our own testimony. What might our friends and neighbors say about our testimony? Are we reflecting the face of Jesus to those all around us? Are we making an impact?

Let’s take the injunction from Luke 8:39 to heart: “Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you…”


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