I Saw God Today

by | Aug 18, 2014 | 2014, Musings | 9 comments

guitar_wood_country_music_315 304I listen to country and western music on my car radio and so I get what I consider daily spurts of “down home insights” into Godly living. One of those “spurts” came on the radio this morning. It was a George Strait song called, “I Saw God Today.”

The lyrics track a dad who had just spent 18 hours coaching his wife through the labor process. He ends up with his nose pressed against the nursery window staring at his new baby girl and he declares that he sees God in that miraculous bundle.

It was the refrain of the song that spoke to me. It says, “I’ve been to church, I’ve read the book, I know He’s there but I don’t look near as often as I should.”

And I don’t. I will bet that you don’t either.

Maybe this week we could all make a concerted effort to look, really look and notice the fingerprints of God that are all over our lives. He is not just found in a beautiful sunset or a glorious meteor shower. He engages us in the mundane details of normal living.

He is found in line at the grocery store when it dawns on us that we have plenty to eat. He is found in a sand box at the park when we realize that our child has ten fingers, ten toes and they all work.

He is found in the sound of laughter as we relish our time with family and friends. His fingerprints are all over a simple meal as we share the joys and sorrows of life together.BabyLaughterInterview_111312-617x416

He is found in our favorite chair as we realize that we are safe and secure in our homes. We are not running across a mountain pass waiting for a compassionate country to drop food and water down for our very survival.

He is found in our cars as we are reminded that we don’t have to walk everywhere, or sit on a bus for hours to get to work or stand on a corner hoping for work.

If we look, really look we will see the Lord all over the details of our lives and we will be blessed!

Let’s shout it out: “I Saw God Today!”



  1. Janice

    Love this!! Thank you for the reminder.

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