Thank You for the Parachute

by | Aug 10, 2015 | 2015, Musings | 4 comments

Like everybody else, I have tough weeks. Sometimes they get strung together like beads and can get overwhelming. I am in one such season. So this morning, I broke out a notebook and pen and began to re-focus my attention. I wrote at the top of the page;” My Blessings.” It was such a good exercise and attitude changer!

But it made me think about an illustration that Max Lucado uses in his book, In the Grip of Grace. It seems that 6 or 8 folks were riding across the country in a chartered plane. Something went horribly wrong and the pilot rushed out of the cockpit and started urging everyone to put on his or her parachute.

Lucado writes, “The first passenger steps up to the door and shouts over the wind, ‘Could I make a request?’ ‘Sure, what is it?’ ‘Any way I could get a pink parachute?’ The pilot shakes his head in disbelief. ‘Isn’t it enough that I gave you a parachute at all?’ And the first passenger jumps.

The second passenger steps to the door. ‘I am wondering if there is any way you could ensure that I won’t get nauseated during the fall?’ ‘No, but I can ensure that you will have a parachute for the fall.’

‘Please captain’ says one, ’I am afraid of heights. Would you please remove my fear?’ ‘No, but I will give you a parachute.’”

You get the idea. Some asked for boots, others wanted goggles. I might have asked for a blindfold. But we would all be missing the point. There really isn’t anything necessary except for that parachute. And it was provided.

When our stress levels rise and the pressures of life pile in, we start making very strange requests from the Lord. We tailor those requests to our perceived needs. And we get fixated on them.

Those shortsighted “needs” are often temporary or minor in nature. What we really need is a good attitude adjustment and focusing on His goodness always helps me with that.

By His grace, He has handed me my “parachute.” It fits just perfectly and it has my name on it. I need to be grateful and jump.

Anyone want to join me in this leap of faith this week? Grab your parachute…



  1. Christy Newman

    Great perspective Sister Sherry !! So thankful for my parachute but sure seems like I’ve been floating around in the air for a VERY LONG time now !! Getting a little air sick !! Kind of looking forward to having my feet on solid ground for a while !!! LOL !! By the way, for some reason I seemed to get the black parachute with lightning bolt graphics !!
    Still thankful…still trusting…in spite of it all !!!! ⚡️⚡️⛅️⛅️☔️☔️
    Love you and praying for you to have a safe and gentle landing !! 🌲🌻🌳🌾🌷

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