“The Called”

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There are all kinds of ways to classify people…tall/short, smart/not so smart, pretty/good personality, outgoing/shy and so. Theologically, in relationship to worth and value, there might be three general classifications for Christians: “The Driven,” “The I’m-Just-A,” and “The Called.”

“The Driven” are folks that Gordon MacDonald (“Ordering Your Private World”) says spend most of their time and effort defending what they own – things like possessions, or ideas or relationships. They cling to want they have gathered.  They keep meticulous score of their contributions. Counting their own stockpile encourages their performance.

“The I’m-Just-A” folks are on the other end of the spectrum.  Their self-esteem won’t allow them to find much of anything worthwhile in their accomplishments. They always see themselves in the bottom half of the class. In their own eyes, they never quite measure up to some invisible standard they believe exists. And therefore, they are “Just-A-Housewife” or “Just-A-Helper” or “Just-A-Clerk” or “Just-A-Dad.” They are just more comfortable discounting their value to the Lord.

And then there are “The Called.”  These Christians seem to recognize that everything they have or might accomplish (ideas, possessions, and relationships) has been allowed by God’s sweet grace.  Everything is on loan to them. They aren’t in charge, but they see their value to the overall plan of God.

A quick review of some scripture would help set this third perspective in place for us all. The New Testament says that believers are indeed “called.”  We are set aside, identified, marked for a purpose. We are called “by His grace” (Gal. 1:15) and according to His purpose (Rom. 8:30). Titles like “mom” or “clerk” or “dad” or “teacher” or whatever are insignificant. We are all stewards. We have been identified, marked and given a specific task through which to bring God glory!

Our “calling” focuses us on holy living (I Cor. 1:2), secures us in a relationship with Christ (Rom. 1:6) and encourages us to live in peace not turmoil (I Cor. 7:15).

So, given the choice this week to live a frantic life filled with nauseating self aggrandizement (“The Driven”) or focused on endless self-examination (“The I’m-Just-A” crowd)  wouldn’t you rather bask in your CALLING?

“To all in Rome (or southern California) who are loved by God and CALLED to be saints, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rom. 1:7)


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  1. Christy Newman

    Great perspective Sherry !! Love it !! ❤️

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