The Deep Water is Getting into the Shallow Water

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Recently, a number of my personal friends have been struggling with a wide array of challenges. Some of the pressure has come from physical issues. Some of the strain has appeared because of COVID related work situations. Some are dealing with mental health issues and still others are wandering around in a spiritual funk.

I probably could encapsulate all the situations by saying that they are all experiencing “deep water.” With that phrase in mind, consider this story that I read recently:

 My daughter taught swimming lessons in our pool. She always left the line up separating the deep from the shallow until her students were familiar with the pool. After a week of lessons and the children were swimming, she knew they were ready for the deeper level.

To acclimate them to this, she would take down the line separating the two levels. Usually, this would make the students very nervous. This was shown by one boy in particular when he remarked, ‘Miss Tahnee, please put the line back up. The deep water is getting into the shallow water.’”

I laughed at the story, but truth be known, I have often asked the Lord the same thing. When confronted with a new challenge or set of circumstances that demand my growth, I tend to protest the stress and strain of the new experience.

Regardless of my words, I essentially cry out for help by saying, “Lord, the deep water is getting into the shallow end.”

We all prefer the shallow end of the pool. We can stand up, confirm our own balance, and make it on our own to the other side of the pool. As soon as it gets deeper, we can’t stand on our own, our feet don’t touch the bottom and we lose control of the situation. 

There are so many situations when that happens. All those folks in my life right now are floating around, trying to get their toes on the bottom of the pool. The deep water has mixed into the shallow stuff and we don’t like it.

But the wonderful good news is the fact that the Lord has not just thrown us into a “sink or swim” situation. He is right next to us, encouraging us forward. This week, take a fresh look at Ps. 34.

Verse 4:  He delivered me from all my fears

Verse 15: The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous

Verse 18: The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

It doesn’t matter if some of the deep water has leaked into the shallow stuff. Jesus is right beside us!




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