The God Who Knows

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The expression “yada, yada, yada” became popular after an episode of Seinfeld back in 1997. Apparently, George’s girlfriend used the expression to fill in predictable, dull, repetitious details of various encounters. Since then, you and I have been using that phrase much the same way. It is a “filler” that is useful when we are skimpy on details.

But the Hebrew word is actually “yada” and it means “to know.” It is one of those words (and concepts) that leaves a heavy footprint across the pages of the Old Testament. Sometimes it refers to sexual relations like in Genesis 4 when Adam “knows” his wife and she conceives a baby.

Sometimes it means “to choose” like in Gen. 18:19 where God makes it clear that He CHOSE Abraham. That choosing signifies a decision, a decision to enter a covenant relationship with someone. It carries the idea of knowing someone intimately, knowing them experientially, knowing them “face to face.”

And in Psalm 139, the Lord makes it clear that He knows us. In verse one, David says, “Adonai, you have searched me, and you KNOW.” In the Hebrew language there is no personal pronoun at the end of that sentence. The Lord is just declaring that He KNOWS. He knows it all!

In verse 2, David adds that God knows when we sit or stand up. He is intimately acquainted with what we do and when we do it. All the movements of our lives are known by Him. And in verse 23 He sums up this amazing truth by declaring that Yahweh knows our hearts. God knows what we think and feel.

He wanders through the caverns of our heart and shines His flashlight into every crevice, nook and corner. He is aware of our actions and our attitudes. He knows what motivates us and why we might want to give up or give in. He is totally prepared to discuss or deal with absolutely anything in our lives.

Sometimes we are afraid of that truth. It scares us to be laid out so openly. But it shouldn’t. When there is nothing hidden, nothing that is stuck away out of sight, nothing that can be blown up out of proportion, there is freedom!

We serve a God who KNOWS. He knows us, our preferences, our character, our behavior and the heart attitude behind it all. He knows. He is the good shepherd who declares in John 10:14 that He knows His sheep.

This new week is a great opportunity to stop for a bit and consider all that God knows about us. He is aware of every fear. He is deeply invested in all our thinking and planning. He is ready to coach us out of our pattern of sin. He knows.

So, let’s stop acting like we have something to hide.  YADA!



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