The Impact of a Teacher

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In the last several weeks there has been a number of news articles focused on the behavior of school teachers. In Harriman, Tennessee a 38 year veteran kindergarten teacher was weary of dealing with the messiness of the children. Reportedly, he repeatedly warned a specific child to be neater, but on March 16 told him, “Your area looks like a pig sty. Oink. Oink.” He then went on to tell the rest of the students in the class to circle the offender and “call him a pig and make pig noises.”

Not surprisingly, this teacher received a one day suspension and a letter of reprimand for his file!

About a month later in Collinsville, Illinois a special education teacher apparently ran out of patience with his/her students too. An explanation letter that was sent to the parents indicated that this teacher found some feces on the classroom floor. In disgust, the teacher then had each of the kids go “into a private bathroom stall and remove his or her underpants. The third and fourth graders were then told to put their clothes back on and exit the stall to show their underpants to the teacher.”

I am not certain whether or not the culprit was found, but again not surprisingly, this teacher will not be receiving a new contract!

I should quickly state that these kinds of stories are aberrations. The vast numbers of public and private teachers are deeply dedicated individuals who want to invest themselves into the lives of the next generation.

But a verse did come to mind as I read over these two reports. Luke 6:40 reads, “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”

After a child has sat at the feet of their instructor, after the committed teacher has invested the days and weeks of meaningful time and after that individual has completed their course of study…they begin to reflect the character, interests, passion and life of their teacher. The Bible is correct, when we are fully trained, we look like the trainer!

This week would be a great time to consider the instructors in your life. Start with your kids. Who is influencing your children? Do the lives of those teachers merit being mirrored in the lives of your children?

And who is “teaching” you? Are you in a good Bible study or small group where men and women of God carefully impart the truths of His word into your life? Is your pastor a diligent expositor who carefully leaves the imprint of the scriptures on your life each week?

Let’s all be careful…when we are fully trained, we will look just like our teachers!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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