The Name of God

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When God wanted to identify Himself, He referred to Himself as Yahweh (YHWH). Consider these words from Exodus 3:15 (NLT):

“God also said to Moses, say this to the people of Israel: Yahweh (YHWH), the God of your ancestors-the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob-has sent me to you.”

I  have always been interested God’s names and so when this devotional thought came across my desk, I decided to share it with you. I usually do not copy material from other writers, but. these words from Sandra Thurman Caporale are definitely worth repeating.

“Over time, we’ve arbitrarily added an “a” and an “e” in (God’s name) to get YaHWeH, presumable because we have a preference for vowels. But scholars and rabis have noted that the letters YHWH represent breathing sounds, or aspirated consonants.

When pronounced without intervening vowels, it actually sounds like breathing. YH (inhale)- WH (exhale).

So a baby’s first cry, his first breath, speaks the name of God. A deep sigh calls His name, and so does a groan or grasp that is too heavy for mere words. Likewise, a person leaves this earth with their last breath, when God’s name is no longer filing their lungs.

So when I can’t utter anything else, is my cry be calling out His name? Being alive means I speak His name constantly. Is it heard the loudest when I am the quietest?

In sadness, we breath heavy sighs. In joy, our lungs feel almost like they will burst. In fear we hold our breath and have to be told to breath slowly to help us calm down. When we’re about to do something hard, we take a deep breath to find our courage.

God chose to give Himself a name that we can’t help but speak every moment we’re alive. All of us, always, everywhere, waking, sleeping, breathing…with the name of God on our lips.”

This week let’s remember that even when we are just breathing, we are whispering the name of God. He is worthy of all our praise!



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