The Value of A Personal Handwritten Note

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There appears to be a growing appreciation for “the olden days.” As a recent article in the LA Times put it, “People are choosing to do the things their grandparents once had to. Some grow and can their own vegetables, some sew their own clothes and some, don’t be shocked, write letters.”

The article was discussing a pen pal club that meets regularly in downtown LA. The members of the club collect useable, old stamps, practice calligraphy and letterpress their own stationery.

But the highlight of their once a month get together is the actual handwriting of personal letters.

I am not a member of that club, but I could be. I am definitely old fashion enough to cherish a hand written note. And because I love to receive them, I also love to write them.

Fountain pen and signature

I search out the card aisles in all kinds of stores. I have a drawer full of various note cards. I love my fountain pens, especially the ones that need a real inkbottle.

Our culture has just about lost the art of a good personal note. It’s part of the impersonalization of our world. So maybe this week, you and I can start to reverse that course (even in our work world).

But first, consider how even the apostle Paul knew the power of a personal note. He took special pains to highlight things in his own handwriting in the books of Colossians, II Thessalonians and Philemon: “I, Paul, am writing this with my own hand…” (Setting aside the use of a scribe as was his normal pattern.) He knew such a handwritten note would grab the attention of the readers and warm their hearts.

May I suggest we follow his example? If you are a novice, just go buy a card and scribble a few lines on the inside. Hand-address it and stick on a “live” stamp. Postage meters don’t count!

If you are ready to do a bit more, grab a note card and send a greeting; maybe include a scripture passage chosen just for the recipient. And if you are an old hand at this writing thing, go find some new stationery (choose some nice heavy weight paper, even embossed stock) and write away.

I am certain that the recipient will appreciate your kind intentions!



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