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Been reading David Platt’s book, Radical Together. Early on he says, “God has called us to lock arms with one another in single-minded death-defying obedience to one objective: the declaration of His gospel for the demonstration of His glory for all nations.” Lots of good stuff in that sentence, but it was the phrase, “lock arms with one another” that has been running through my mind this week.

And as I was studying Acts 2 recently, another phrase jumped out and stuck in my mind: “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”

Together…locked arms. It seems to me that concept of living communally for a purpose is being lost on our culture. A dramatic example of that was reflected in a recent news report out of New York. The article’s contention was that people fall in love, get married and then move into separate homes.

“Believe it or not, such an arrangement is growing in popularity with couples who say living apart is what’s keeping them together.” The article quotes one couple, “We want to be the wind beneath each other’s wings, not clip each other’s wings.” Another couple reported that such an arrangement allowed for some autonomy and for each spouse to have their own space.

My favorite story was about a couple in the city who have a townhome. They literally drew a line down the middle. Each person has a “wing” to themselves and the kitchen is the common area.

Apparently this is a growing phenomenon. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 1.7 million married couples in the U.S. choose to live apart.

It may be a growing concept in our society, but it sure isn’t the pattern God has laid out for us in scripture. Whether in marriage or any other life situation, living together, serving together, working together for common purposes is the standard. We were never meant to be alone (Gen. 2:18).

God understood that our most basic needs can only be addressed in community. He also understood that living together forces us to deal with the character flaws that aren’t visible when we only deal with ourselves.

Nothing wrong with some solitude. Nothing wrong with some “alone time.” And if you are single, nothing wrong with having your own apartment or house. But ultimately “together” is the pattern God had in mind for His kids. So this week, resist the urge to pull aside and instead let’s be intentional about reaching out and enjoying the benefits of being together!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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