Two are Better than One

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I have been learning (or re-learning) all kinds of things during the last 6 months. And perhaps the most important thing has to do with relationships. My thoughts center around that very familiar verse in Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 that starts with “two are better than one…”

Truth be known, I am not a very social person. Given the opportunity to go to a social event, I generally start scrambling to find reasonable excuses to dodge the invitation.  I am just not a very good “small talker” and I quickly get pretty self-conscious in a conversation.

But during Covid days, I have realized than while I may not be very social, I am VERY relational. Perhaps like you, I have been craving time to spend with the wonderful people God has filled my life with.

It is so evident that “two are better than one.” It’s true in business. It’s true in service. It’s true in all kinds of relationships, from casual friendships to committed marriages. When one falls down, the other is there to pick them up. When one is sad, the other has words of encouragement. When one is angry, the other has a voice of reason.

I think the scripture illustrates this truth very well, especially in the  book of Acts. Paul is a pretty self-contained kind of guy. I don’t see him as the life of the party. But a careful examination of that book will reveal some amazing truths about his (and our) need for relationships.

As Paul left on his first missionary journey, he had Barnabas by his side. A few chapters later, he hooked up with Silas. Then he embraced a mentoring relationship with Timothy and then Titus and then Priscilla and Aquila and others.

Take a glance at Romans 16 and there is a whole litany of folks that Paul held dear. Some ministered to him. Some he served. Others served alongside him. Some were older, some quite young. Some had gifts of hospitality or administration or preaching. They complemented his skills in ministry. They worked well together.

So, this week might be a great time for you and I to cherish our relationships. Look around your personal world. Who do you work with or for? Who serves alongside you? Who loves you just as you are? Who can you call at 2 am? Who calls you?

Plan a meal together. Gather on your front porch and share your heart. Get on a zoom call (it’s better than nothing). Call a friend and pray together. Send a note. Reach out!

Two are MUCH better than one. So, let’s take the time to go tell them that they matter!



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