We Need the Music

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Years ago, when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to learn how to play the piano, my teacher remarked that she could hear the notes, but there was no music coming forth. Well, I found a story this week that reflects that same sentiment.

It seems that a husband decided he wanted to surprise his wife and learn how to dance. He was a pragmatic kind of fellow so he went out and bought some books on dancing. He figured those instructions would be sufficient.

When it said to sway, he swayed. When it said to shuffle, he shuffled. And he even took the imitative to cut out a bunch of paper foot prints. He carefully copied the sketches and diagrams in the book and replicated those patterns all over his living room.

He would read the words out loud and follow the instructions:  ”Lean with your right shoulder. Now step with your left foot. Turn slowing around.” He followed the directions to the letter. But soon he was just exhausted and plopped onto the couch.

When his wife came home, she found him in that state. He told her what he was doing and concluded his report with the declaration, “I executed it perfectly.”

She laughed and responded, “Yes, you executed it, alright. You killed it.” She went on to share that the problem was, he forgot the music. She reached over and clicked a button on her phone and extended her hand. They stood up and began to dance. Soon the husband was lost in the experience. He didn’t have to follow the foot prints. He just moved with the music.

That story always makes me think about our Christian life. Way too often, we are so focused on getting it right that we forget to follow the music. We master doctrines, outline scripture, and go through the motions of discipleship without listening to the music.

We are moving, woodenly and without passion. We have the “steps” down, but no one is enjoying the experience.

So, this week, let’s make sure we crank up the music and get in rhythm with the Spirit of God. Serving the Lord is so much easier when we sway to His impulse, lean into His arms and follow His leading. Have fun dancing!      


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