Where is Your Little Girl?

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The other morning, I stopped by a donut shop that I haven’t visited in a long time. (I was just craving one of their chocolate delights!) As I turned to leave, one of the older gentlemen that have perched themselves in the corner for years, asked me a question. He said, “Where is your little girl?”

You see, my god-daughter and I used to frequent this shop. For many years she would make her choice (often one of the gooey pink things) and we would stop to chat with the older guys. They watched her grow up through elementary school. But of course, she isn’t in elementary school anymore. She is a 23 year old young woman making her way in the world and doing a good job of it.

But I was struck by his question…where did my little girl go? I blinked and she was in junior high, I blinked again and it was time for high school graduation and one more blink and it was college life. And now she has her own place 30 miles up the road and I cherish the time we get to spend together.

The thought this week is to encourage all parents to literally cherish every single day the Lord gives us with our kids. Time flies by as we murmur about how messy their rooms are and how sick we are of the rolling eyes.

Too soon, way too soon, we find ourselves in a donut shop wondering where our little girl or boy has gone.

Psalm 127 verse 5 reminds us that our children are like arrows and we are blessed when we have a quiver full of them. But too soon they are launched (and of course they should be) and we are left with an empty arrow pouch.

So parents, this week take a long look at that youngin’ and purposefully ignore their “challenges” and instead hug them unexpectedly. Smile a lot as they dominate table conversation. Consider yourself blessed to have to spend another hour in the car with them in route to yet another activity.

They are a blessing and too soon they will be “gone.”

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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