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I just returned from a wonderful trip to Hawaii. I was frequently asked what I was doing on my vacation and I responded each time with : “sun, fun, read, food, repeat.” It was a great trip.

But unfortunately, because of COVID restrictions, I wasn’t able to visit my favorite island of Kauai. I love the North Shore.  If you ever get to visit that area, you will cross over an old wooden bridge. It is a one-way bridge. On either side, you will see a large sign that says “YIELD.”

Now, that sign isn’t meant to be an insult to drivers and their skill level. Nor is it meant to be an assault on someone’s rights to cross that bridge. It’s just a reasonable request to give the right of way to the other car. It insures a safe passage for all.

I think that is the concept that is behind the injunction given to us in Ephesians 5:21 where the scripture says, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Too often when we see that term “submit,” we bristle thinking that the apostle Paul is trying to take something from us, restrict our rights or make someone else more important.

But I am convinced that he is just trying to hold up a “YIELD” sign for the mutual benefit of everyone.

When we choose to pay attention to the needs of those around us before we choose to demand our own rights, we are exercising a Biblical kind of submitting, or yielding. When we care about our spouse before we look out for our own needs, we are submitting within our relationship.

When we submit to our boss, even when we have an alternate idea, we are allowing God’s plan for workers to take place. When children submit to their parents, they are yielding to His grand plan for family order.

This week, let’s not dismiss all the forms of submission just because we all want to have our own way. Let’s insert the idea of the YIELD sign and watch how it will improve our day-to-day relationships.

So, keep your eyes peeled for blue skies, green mountains, turquoise water and a safe ride over the bridge!



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