You Got Gifts!

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Each believer is expected to walk (live) in such a way that their behavior and attitudes match their calling. And to help us do that, the Spirit has endowed each of us with at least one spiritual gift, all kinds of natural gifts, plenty of opportunities and a wide network of friends and family. Those gifts contribute to the unity, diversity and productivity of the Body of Christ.

But imagine for a moment that you were reading along in Ephesians chapter four. You stumbled onto a list of spiritual gifts. It is an important section. You sit up and pay careful attention to the list: apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors.

But as you pause on that verse, it begins to dawn on you that you don’t have even one of those spiritual gifts. No matter how you tilt your head, you just aren’t an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist or a pastor. Oh no! Are you useless to the body of Christ?

Gratefully, the answer is a huge NO. Truth be known, there are at least three other major passages in the New Testament that list spiritual gifts. Some commentators see 19 gifts in those verses, others see 15, still others identify 12 and a few only see 7. Regardless of the count, there are clearly many other spiritual gifts specified for God’s children.

And in addition to those spiritual gifts designated for the Body, there are seemingly endless opportunities made available for men and women who seek to share the gospel with others. Those opportunities are available at work, in our neighborhoods and within our extended families.

God also gives us amazing networks in which to share Christ and serve others. Our conversations reflect those intentions. Our generosity displays our heart. Our patient service of others reflects the grace we have received.

Our gifts (spiritual, personal, opportunities and networked) all display a rich diversity.

Our Body needs teachers, servants, cooks, singers, babysitters, cleaners, attorneys, asphalt workers, leaders, pilots, salesmen, real estate agents, doctors, mechanics and the list goes on and on.

Each and every one of us is part of the incredible display or pageantry of God’s plan for the Body of Christ. Your gifting is unique and needed. My gifting is different and yet also needed. So are the gifts from the cook and the pilot and the guy fixing our roads. That diversity makes a compelling case for all of us to be actively engaged in sharing the gospel as we care for others.

Remember, “The gifts you have, bring the variety we need.”



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