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I am a huge C. S. Lewis fan. My first encounter was through Mere Christianity; and then I “chewed” my way through The Screwtape Letters, Miracles and all the others. I think the only works I have not read are his science fiction trilogy. But my favorite books are The Chronicles of Narnia.

Recently a friend gave me a copy of the book Roar by Heather and David Koop. It is a family guide to the Chronicles and both should be in every Christian home. Just for fun, take their little quiz and see if you are a “Narniac.” In part, it reads:

1. Someone says Lucy; you think Edmund or Susan, not Charlie or Snoopy.
2. You’ve tried at least once to plant a coin or piece of candy…and come back to check your crop.
3. You don’t go to the zoo to see the animals. You go to eavesdrop.
4. You knock on the front of every wardrobe, and knock on the back of them too.
5. You’ve stared at paintings of sailing ships so long you’ve gotten seasick.
6. Upon departure, when your friends say “Gotta go” or “See you later,” you respond with “To Narnia and the North!”
7. You’ve dreamed about getting tossed by a huge lion, and it was a very good dream.
8. You still jump in puddles, looking for the right one.
9. You know there is no such thing as a good education that’s weak on dragons.
10. You believe that all Creation resounds with a mysterious music, if people could only hear it, and the best way to describe it would be “a lion singing.”

I took the quiz and I am definitely a Narniac! In fact I am reading them right now to the 6th graders at Stoneybrooke.

Good children’s literature does not grow on trees. It is very difficult to find well-written stories that engage children (of all ages) and yet demand that they consider loftier subjects as they dissect the meaning behind the meaning. Lewis had that gift.

Trying to replace the dynamic video experience for our children is hard. These kids are immersed in the multi-dimensional “lights, camera, action” that pervades the media of our day. They play incredibly attractive fast paced games on every device we all own.

Trying to replace that with a one dimensional paper book is almost impossible. But this family guide will help all of us make The Chronicles come alive. There are discussion questions for children of all ages. There are activities that can capture the attention of an entire family. There are inspirational articles for parents to help us get the deeper meaning out of these great stories.

So this week, I am suggesting that every family go purchase a set of The Chronicles and begin the journey. Roar will be a great companion and I promise everyone will enjoy the ride, and be the better for it!

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Sherry L. Worel


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